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ICCA Stroke is an interdisciplinary and interactive course with lectures from leading experts in the field, recorded cases, step by step presentations, debates and hands-on workshops. You will be guided through the different aspects of stroke treatment: patient selection, imaging, indication, how to do it, post-procedural care as well as avoiding and managing complications.



WIST accredits centers and sites according to the WIST guidelines for safe performance of thrombectomy. WIST was launched by 20 renowned experts in the field of interventional stroke treatment (supported by patients, service commissioners and other healthcare providers) due to the need for a collaborative approach to interventional stroke treatment, guidelines and standardization of care.



World Federation of International Stroke Treatment


Simbionix is a part of 3D Systems. 3D Systems is a world leading provider of a full spectrum of innovative training and education solutions for medical professionals and the healthcare industry. 3D Systems, combines innovative R&D, cutting edge technology, and strong clinical relationships to promote adoption of best medical practices, to advance clinical performance, and to optimize procedural outcomes. The company’s comprehensive education solutions include top of the line medical simulators and a simulation management system and patient specific simulation. These can be found in simulation centers, hospitals, colleges and other educational facilities in over 60 countries.



Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Anglia Ruskin University houses a high-end simulation suite, including the high-fidelity simulator “Ken” (ANGIO MENTOR™, Simbionix). ETS uses the facilities to provide hands-on simulator training in endovascular procedures mimicking fluoroscopy in the cath lab in a complete virtual reality simulated operating environment.

The Simulator enables realistic visualization of the anatomy and instrument activity. This technology is combined with a high-end haptic system for visual and tactile feedback, which realistically mimics the look and feel of actual endovascular interventions.

The system features more than 19 different endovascular procedures (Intracranial Stroke Thrombectomy, Carotid Stenting, Intracranial Stenting, Balloon-assisted coiling, Stent-assisted coiling, Intracranial stenting, EVAR, TEVR,) and over 130 patient scenarios with an ever-expanding library of modules.

The training modules have been developed in collaboration with the World Federation for Interventional Stroke Treatment.



Acute Stroke Interventions & Carotid Stenting

Brainomix is an award winning, ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified start-up company of Oxford University, which specialises in developing medical imaging biomarkers in stroke. The CE marked e-ASPECTS software automates the ASPECTS scoring system for ischaemic stroke patients on plain CT scans and identifies ischemic damage. It takes non-contrast brain CT scans as input, registers and segments the ASPECTS regions within the brain, and generates a report detailing the overall ASPECTS score, and the regions that were found to contain damage.

In 2014, Brainomix was the winner in the ICT category of the European Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) and in 2015 amongst the 3 companies shortlisted for Best Emerging UK Medtech Company and Best New UK Medtech Development Programme.



how to set-up an acute stroke service 

This book offers a concise and practical guide on how to set up and run an acute stroke service tailored to the needs of the individual center as a provider of primary, secondary or tertiary care. All aspects of the subject are tackled.

This handbook will be an invaluable source of information for every member of the stroke team.


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